The second single in Isac Elliot’s Faith single series out now

– Pop star Isac Elliot announced in September that he will be releasing a single on the first Friday of every month for the rest of the year.
– The single AYO was released in September and is now followed by the second single in the series, EYES SHUT

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“I’m so hyped to be dropping new singles once a month. I think that the AYO single was the perfect opening to the FAITH concept. I wanted the second single to be melodic and a real dance track. EYES SHUT is a song that can’t be compared to anything I’ve done before. It’s produced with an unexplainable fun twist. I’m very proud of this track. Like New Way Home before, this song feels important and special to me. I’m happy that you finally get to check it out”, Isac continues.

EYES SHUT will also be made into a music video, which was shot a couple weeks ago in Norway. The video is out on Friday 13 October.

“I’m thrilled to give FAITH more of a visual side now. I’ve always been interested in how all this looks, is addition to the music. There’s a certain plot that runs through the whole concept—but enough about that, I don’t want to spoil anything. Everything will be revealed at the latest in December”, Isac says.

The idea for FAITH was born last summer when Isac noticed after a studio session that there were now enough good single tracks to fill half an album.

“I got the feeling that I didn’t want to hold on to them. I want people to hear them as soon as possible. We then came up with the idea to release one song a month. Usually it may take up to a year for a song that is ready to be released, and in that time the artist has already moved on to new things. I’m so excited that I can offer these tracks to people right away, when they are fresh for me as well. I believe that the fans are just as excited as I am”, Isac says.

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